Controlbar Video Previewer

Adds video thumbnail previews to the Flowplayer 7 Controlbar

This example displays the use of the feature by first loading a pre-generated flat tiled sprite image given with the video frame size.


The Controlbar Video Previewer enables video thumbnail previews to be easily added to the controls while seeking.

This feature does not require authoring and maintaining VTT files but calculated dynamically on the frame capture interval or a set of frames.

This feature uses a generated set of video frames in a video contact sprite sheet to enable fast access to the frames while seeking and mousing over the controlbar instead of waiting for the preview which is slow.

A custom tooltip is created which like the original controlbar tooltip can be easily customised and styled.

If contact sheet generation is not possible with your platform dynamic loading of thumbnails is possible. (contactsheets are desireable for faster loading)


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