WebRTC Publisher with hidden settings

WebRTC Publisher with settings and controls in the player

Note: Not a live demo, server configuration is just for example. For live working example try the Millicast Publisher and Subscriber example. Or AWS Kinesis Publisher and Subscriber example.

Using the has-settings player style. And floatedControls config. This configures the WebRTC publisher encoder settings inside the player with floated control buttons.

   <div class="flex w-full">
          <div id="publisher-settings" class="has-settings"></div>
  <script type="text/javascript">
  	var player = flowplayer("#publisher-settings", {
    "clip": {
        "live": true,
        "sources": [
                "appName": "webrtc",
                "src": "myStream",
                "type": "application/webrtc"
    "rtc": {
        "applicationName": "webrtc",
        "autoStartDevice": true,
        "floatedControls": true,
        "publishToken": "eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJpc3MiOiJ3ZWJydGMifQ.MjehxjweF5tPPqUJQjHEHdHLz4sjaXkTkJh0dkM8w9_M5PMKoyzUJZPYyYtgT1qn17eDZlUOUeIeyr37z-KhN1u66L2ScVCwvs0dBjf6s2ZSIw0shvKmCdq7u5bd5llWTY0FDbbtFA1l60CkfOsTd0_dQpeyKm3Y94XgIaPyJB_PCCezO8V1xmcyMT1aqPfwr99AmM8s_P_8nuDL6A1HHppImwZL550AnTjuPQaAMRSVSNuzlLrwFXBA1SRaKOa2AVkIzP0tYkqWCYd03Gvn_CpxZ5dhk5s4UYSoYeK2FX4nz4khn_k8loFO-vDu2M-1r7dvFXnt8iNYWGTzDxPNuQ",
        "publisher": true,
        "server": "wowza",
        "serverURL": "rtc.electroteque.org",
        "toggleScreen": true,
        "userData": {
            "param1": "value1"
    "share": false

player.on("devices", (event, devicesMap, deviceInfos) => {
//get available devices here for building your own UI
console.log("devices", devicesMap, deviceInfos);
}).on("initdevices", () => {
console.log("init devices");
}).on("mediastart", (e, info, deviceInfo, videoConstraints, capabilities) => {
//console.log("mediastart111", deviceInfo);
//selected device has been activated
console.log("Device Start ", info.deviceInfo);
console.log("Updated Device Info ", info.newDeviceInfo);
console.log("Video Constraints ", info.videoConstraints);
console.log("Capabilities ", info.capabilities);
}).on("mediastop", (e) => {
console.log("Device Stop");
}).on("devicesuccess", (e) => {
console.log("Device Permissions Success");
}).on("deviceerror", (e, error) => {
console.log("Device Error", error);
}).on("startpublish", (e, supportsParams) => {
console.log("Publishing Started");
//use this for enabling / disabling bandwidth select menus while publishing
//browsers that don't support it cannot update bitrate controls while publishing
console.log("Browser Supports peer setParameters ", supportsParams);
}).on("stoppublish", (e) => {
console.log("Publishing Stopped");
}).on("recordstart", (e) => {
console.log("Recording Started");
}).on("recordstop", (e) => {
console.log("Recording Stopped");
}).on("sendmessage", (e, message) => {
console.log("Signal Server Send Message: ", message);
}).on("gotmessage", (e, message) => {
console.log("Signal Server Receive Message: ", message);
}).on("offer", (e, offer) => {
console.log("WebRTC Offer ", offer.sdp);
}).on("answer", (e, answer) => {
console.log("WebRTC Answer ", answer.sdp);
}).on("bitratechanged", (e, params) => {
console.log("WebRTC Bitrate Changed ", params);
}).on("outputsuccess", (e, sinkId) => {
console.log("Success, audio output device attached:" + sinkId);
}).on("outputerror", (e, message) => {
}).on("ready", function(e, api, video) {
console.log("READY", video);
}).on("data", (e, data) => {
console.log("GOT DATA: ", data);
}).on("rtcerror", (e, error) => {
console.log("WebRTC Error ", error);
}).on("screensharestart", (e) => {
console.log("screen share started");
}).on("screensharestop", (e) => {
console.log("screen share stopped");